February 21, 2014

More than ‘faulty intelligence’ needed as reason for Iraq War

Re Faulty analysis led to Iraq War, not lies

Re Faulty analysis led to Iraq War, not lies

Mr. Joe Irvin writes (Feb. 8) that “Faulty analysis led to Iraq War, not lies.” Mr. Irvin apparently does not believe that Colin Powell was probably very aware that he was passing on a lie when he stood before the United Nations and described Iraq Mobile Weapons Laboratories that, in fact, U.S. intelligence agencies knew did not exist. It has been well documented that the story Colin Powell told that day had been totally made up by an Iraqi refugee, who claimed to be the former head of the Iraq Weapons Program but was known to actually have been a former cab driver in Baghdad.

There were so many claims by the Bush administration that turned out to be untrue. They made claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction even though the UN Weapons Inspectors on the ground in Iraq said the WMDs did not exist. They made untrue claims that large numbers of al-Qaida were in Iraq, untrue claims that Iraq had long-range weapon delivery capability, untrue claims that U.S. troops would be met with open arms by the Iraqi people. They made so many claims that turned out to be untrue that it’s truly impossible to believe that most of their claims were not out-and-out lies. I wonder if anyone can cite a single claim the war-mongers made that turned out to be true?

Mr. Irvin blames it all on “faulty intelligence” even though he documents no specific intelligence reports which provided incorrect information. Exactly which reports were incorrect, Mr. Irvin? With more than 100,000 Iraqis lying dead as a result of the United States invasion, along with 4,500 young American heroes also lying dead, along with more than 30,000 American heroes severely wounded, I believe most human beings would believe that we need a better answer than just “faulty intelligence.”

There’s a real reason why the Bush war-mongers can not travel freely anywhere in the world today. Much of the free world considers them to be war criminals who lied us into a war where more than 100,000 people were killed and if they dared travel, they might be arrested and tried in the World Court. The free world not only believes the Bush people lied, they believe that the war-mongers should actually be in prison.

It’s just completely ridiculous for Bush administration apologists to think they can now blame “faulty intelligence” and say “Sorry about that, it was just a mistake.”

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.

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