Letter | With all the news sources, it’s tough to know who to trust

06/03/2013 6:54 PM

06/03/2013 6:56 PM

I receive The Sun News and the Wall Street Journal daily and I watch various news programs on an almost daily basis. My question is, who is telling the truth?

We have three 24-hour news programs (Fox, MSNBC, CNN) each with their own slant on the news. Fox is slanted to the right, MSNBC to the left and CNN is usually confused. We also have three network national news programs (ABC, CBS, NBC) each with their own agendas. All of the above networks pick and choose what to report and how to report a story. So how do we, the public, know who is correct?

What brought this to my attention was an article in The Wall Street Journal, “Uncovering Iran's Latin Networks,” in the June 3 edition. This followed a recent editorial, also in the Journal, on the lack of media coverage concerning the conviction and sentencing of an Iranian-American who tried to bomb a Washington, DC restaurant to kill the Saudi ambassador.

If all of this is true, then why have we not heard about Iran's meddling, and worse, why haven't we taken any action against Iran. The Iranians will soon have nuclear weapons and then it will either be to late or the price of any action will be much greater.

Rick Richter

Murrells Inlet

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