Evening at Mullet Pond

07/25/2014 4:56 PM

07/25/2014 4:57 PM

Huntington Beach State Park is a local mecca for birders and nature photographers. Walking along the causeway the cast of characters changes day by day, the old faithfuls, egrets, herons and alligators may be joined by wood storks, roseate spoonbills and oyster catchers.

With a salt water habitat on one side and the freshwater Mullet Pond, the area is a buffet for both local and transit birds.

The tide was very high Monday on the salt marsh side so activity was limited but it did allow a group of kayakers to access parts of the marsh that usually aren't deep enough to float anything.

As Monday's storm cleared birders and photographers were joined by families, some dressed in all white for their beach portraits, most hoping to see alligators. They were not disappointed as several slowly swam along the edge of the pond and a larger one was on a small island surrounded by a variety of birds.

Cars crept by at a snail's pace, asking a photographer, “Do you see a gator?” The reply: “No, I'm shooting a dragon fly.”

-Charles Slate, cslate@thesunnews.com

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