Spring showing its colors in Myrtle Beach

04/01/2014 6:32 AM

04/01/2014 6:34 AM

It seems as though spring has finally arrived on the Grand Strand and the flowers are blooming – including daffodils and day lilies planted by the city of Myrtle Beach last December.

As part of Myrtle Beach’s continuing celebration of its 75th birthday last year, staff members from the city’s parks division planted 7,500 daffodil bulbs and 750 day lilies in four areas of the median on U.S. 501 near Third Avenue South.

And those flowers have begun to bloom.

“Thank goodness spring has finally arrived,” city spokesman Mark Kruea said. “That’s just a preview. The color show will get even better … in a week or so.”

U.S. 501 is one of the main entry points to Myrtle Beach and the flowers coincide with the road improvements being done on Third Avenue South, Kruea said. The city has been making improvements to Third Avenue South, including widening the road, installing pedestrian crosswalks and putting utility wires underground.

The city turned 76 on March 12.

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