March 20, 2014

Myrtle Beach removes hurdle for discharging firearms at military funerals

Those wishing to honor military members or veterans in Myrtle Beach with a 21-gun salute at their funeral will no longer be required to go through the special event permitting process to get permission.

City Council passed an ordinance last week that allows firearms to be discharged at military ceremonies and funerals by giving the police department notice at least 24-hours ahead of time.

“We realize that it wasn’t especially practical to require a special event permit [for military ceremonies and funerals],” Kruea said. “A special event permit requires getting on City Council’s agenda, and funerals simply won’t wait for that.”

It is illegal to discharge a firearm in Myrtle Beach. Kruea said the law has allowed several exemptions for more than 30 years, and last week’s ordinance added military ceremonies and funerals to the list. Other exemptions include law enforcement, gun clubs, shooting ranges, paintball businesses and a landowner in self-defense or defense of other people or property.

Kruea said he did not know what caused City Council to consider the issue.

“I’m not aware that we’ve stopped anyone’s funeral,” he said.

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