Pam Stone | Save the rage for something that matters

08/09/2014 12:00 AM

08/04/2014 12:12 PM

You really have to wonder what the world’s coming to these days. If it’s not violence in the Middle East or Putin beating his chest with aggressive military maneuverings in a vain attempt to appear taller, people in our own country seem willing to so easily descend into violence over a disagreement.

Take, for instance, one 54-year-old woman in North Charleston who just stabbed her roommate (and one-time boyfriend) repeatedly in the arm and elbow because he told her to “shut up” when she told him to stop listening to The Eagles.

Now, listen, even The Eagles hate The Eagles, or perhaps just Glenn Frey, but I can’t imagine attacking someone for listening to music I didn’t especially care for.

Unless it was Maroon Five, then I might even be talked into holding them down. It’s not that I hate that band, either, but Adam Levine’s voice makes my teeth bleed and raises all the garage doors in my neighborhood.

Anyway, it seems Vernette (of course, that’s her name. Women named Catherine and Amanda don’t go around stabbing people in a drunken rage with a serrated knife) was so angry after her intended victim and his brother, the third roommate (surprisingly, also drunk), wrestled the knife away from her that she went back to the kitchen and retrieved yet another one.

Vernette’s now in jail, bless her, after trying to claim self defense in that her ex was choking her (no marks seen) and is now free to begin fights over “The Bachelor” on the activity room television.

There’s more to life, folks, than starting fights over music and TV shows. If you’re going to start a fight, let it be over something worthwhile — something that matters. Like ending child abuse, animal welfare or the new wastewater plant that’s bound to pollute your treasured, local river. Bring out the picket signs, hold a protest rally, knock on doors. But even corrupt officials or greedy corporations don’t deserve a violent confrontation. There are far better ways to get your point across and burn off rage at the same time.

All it takes is to play “Witchy Woman” on an endless loop.

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