Animal Tales | All about Emma and Lacy

02/18/2014 6:54 AM

02/18/2014 6:56 AM

Hi, I am Emma, age 3, on the left. That’s my sister, Lacy, 15, on the right. We are whippets. I like to run and play with toys, chase a ball or flying disc. My favorite is the flying disc that is bright yellow and really soft so when I catch it it doesn’t hurt my mouth. My mommy also takes me for a bike ride every day so I can keep my trim figure. She has an attachment on her bicycle that I’m hooked to so I’m safe whereever we go. Of course, Lacy used to love to do all these same things when she was younger. Mommy says she could jump really, really high in the air for the flying disc when she was my age. Now she mostly sleeps and takes it easy. She likes to snuggle and lay on mommy’s lap. I also love to sleep with my big sister and keep her company. As you can see, we also enjoy cruising in our golf cart.

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