Animal Tales | All about Star and Ghost at SC-CARES

07/30/2013 12:00 AM

07/18/2013 10:41 AM

Editor’s note: This is a new expanded Animal Tales feature written by the director of SC-CARES that will tell the stories of more exotic animals that have been cared for by the sanctuary. It will run once a month.

This is a story of two wounded souls who found each other, healed each other and became kindred spirits.

Star is a wolf that had been chained to a tree for all of her life. Through a raid by the authorities she was confiscated and SC-CARES took her in. We placed her in a secure sheltered area and were amazed to see her timidly approach us. We could sense that she meant us no harm and our friendship began. Star has lived at SC CARES for a couple of years now and anytime we’re with her we’re showered with kisses and hugs.

One day we received a call for a young, neutered male wolf hybrid. At first we declined to take him, as we had turned away other wolves and wolf hybrids thinking Star would not tolerate another animal in her area. Star had displayed intolerance of the other canines at SC CARES and we couldn’t risk upsetting her now that she was happy.

When we received a second call from the young lady trying to place him, we went a step further and checked with our wolf adviser about the possibility of these two cohabiting. Our adviser said this situation was probably the most likely to work for Star – if she accepted him and was dominate since she was older and the area was established as hers.

At 8 months old SC CARES was to be Ghost’s fourth home. Ghost arrived very skittish of humans, even terrified of men, but after weeks we finally formed a bond. He allowed us to walk him, pet him and even give him kisses. We introduced him to Star and they seemed immediately infatuated with each other, almost as if they had been waiting to meet. They played and had so much fun together.

We were almost ready to move them in together when a tragedy occurred. The neighboring full-blooded wolf pack attacked Ghost under the fence. Ghost was injured and terrified but after many weeks his physical injuries healed but psychologically he was once again let down by a human so our bond was damaged. We continued to take Star to his shelter to visit and they acted like long-lost friends reunited each time.

We were eventually able to move Ghost into Star’s habitat and now the two of them run, play and wrestle. We are confident their friendship will bring them much happiness and together they will continue to thrive. For two creatures whose future was once dismal we are so thankful we could help their stories have a different ending.

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