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April 7, 2014

This Myrtle Beach bartender will sell you a pinky toe for $100

Hot Pour for April 10, 2014

BARTENDER | Kevin Koessler, 39

WHERE | The Original Shuckers Raw Bar

QUESTION | They say the first million is the hardest to make... How do you plan on making your first million?

ANSWER | In the stock market.

Which stock is going to be your money maker?

I'm buying stock in Patron for me and my wife.

How will you spend your second million?

Marriage therapy after I spend my first million.

If money is no object and you decide to spend the rest of your life traveling, would you be the shaggy-haired backpacker, the sun-weathered yachtsman or the penthouse-dwelling playboy?

I think I'd be the sun-weathered yachtsman.

Who would be on your boat?

J.R., my wife and my two darling daughters.

Most millionaires support a charity... Which would you support monetarily - the Sour Cream Awareness Group, the Endangered Salamanders Survival Squad or the Federated Fort-Makers Union?

I'll take the salamanders one...I like animals.

Would you help save the salamanders by allowing 100 of them to live on your yacht?

I would. I would allow 100 salamanders to hang with me anytime they want.

What would you put in a drink called a salamander?

Lime juice, melon schnapps and vodka.

Name a body part you would sell for $100,000.

There's not a body part I wouldn't sell for $100,000.

Name one you would sell for $100.

My pinky toe...But then I wouldn't look in flip-flops...So I'll have to switch to boat shoes.

Which paper currency has the face of Thomas Jefferson?

Whatever he is on I need to see more of them. I'll let you know once I make my first million.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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