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January 15, 2013 4:22 PM

Tip of the Week with Brad Redding (Jan. 16)

I need to help juniors understand how a club face gets the golf ball into the air. Many juniors (and a lot of older golfers) try to “lift” the golf ball into the air, so they try to get under the golf ball. This motion exposes the sole to the ball, not the club face. I have developed this drill in which I use a “monster club” with a sticker on the face and an oversized golf ball. I have the junior race against another junior or me. The race evolves keeping the ball on the sticker as the run from one point to another. This helps the junior to learn how to lean the shaft forward and get the feeling of how the face moves the golf ball. I will then put a sticker on the junior’s club face and have them hit golf balls, making sure they hit the ball with the sticker. Races and seeing the golf ball fly down the fairway are exciting and fun.

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