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See who spent time behind bars in the Myrtle Beach and Georgetown areas.

See who spent time behind bars at J. Reuben Long Detention Center, the North Myrtle Beach Jail, and the Georgetown County Detention Center. These mug shots are provided by law enforcement agencies and are public information. If charges are expunged or dismissed, The Sun News will remove the mug shot for free. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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Buttercream Basics is fun book to get the family baking together

Simply looking at the luscious cover of this book gave me a sugar rush. Yes, I am one who eats the icing first! Author, Carey Madden is well qualified to bring us a book of innovative and inspiring cake decorating techniques. Her own cakes and cupcakes have been featured in magazines like Vogue and Mademoiselle. If you are in Philadelphia you can stop by her shop, Violet, where she employs local and organic ingredients to transform cakes and cupcakes into breathtaking works of art, celebratory culinary creations that tempt the eye and please the palate.

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Gun charges dropped against man paralyzed in Myrtle Beach drug raid

Julian Ray Betton was shot multiple times by DEU officers during an April 16, 2015 drug raid on his apartment and is now paralyzed from the waist down. Betton pled guilty to two drug charges but five other charges lodged against him, including three counts claiming that Betton pointed a gun at the officers who shot him nine times, were dropped in a plea deal on Mar. 16, 2017. Judge Larry Hyman, Jr., sentenced Betton to five years for each drug charge, but suspended the sentences for “time served.” "Today was an absolute victory for Julian and for the people of South Carolina to know who's watching the watchers," said his attorney, Jonny McCoy. Betton has filed a lawsuit against the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit and the officers who shot him, claiming the agents entered his home without announcing they were police and gunned him down without him ever firing a weapon.