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A lesson of appreciation learned from Junior

My regular lunch date with Junior included Paul this past week as I had been giving him breathless descriptions of Junior’s, daddy’s (we don’t say, ‘father’), home place, seen from the pinnacle of Glassy Mountain, on the side of Hogback, easily visible through the bare, late-winter trees.


With officials divided, Trump taking time, care with new travel ban

Whether it’s President Donald Trump learning a lesson after an embarrassing rollout of the original order or empowered department leaders unwilling to risk their own careers by introducing an order they see violates a federal court order, the administration announced this week that it’s taking additional steps to ensure a “flawless” roll out.

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Former NASCAR driver Jody Lavender remembers his racing days

Jody Lavender has dreamt of becoming a race car driver when he was in kindergarten. He quit racing in NASCAR in late 2010s, but he still misses the excitement and being able to travel around. From time to time, he competes in local races in a super late model car that he built from scratch. Lavender now owns CRC Metal Fabrication shop in Murrells Inlet.