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May 7, 2014

STREET PULSE for May 8, 2014

Weekly Surge beats the street each week to gauge the pulse of our community.

This week we asked: Bike Week is coming. Do you participate, run for the hills, or become a shut-in?

“Oh, I participate. If all goes well I’m buying a bike this week.”

Kristi Shaffer, 29, Murrells Inlet

“I participate. I work for the fire department, and we enjoy having the bikers in town.”

Brennan Moore, 34, Murrells Inlet

“I participate. I adore the bikers and play every show I can.”

Chris King, 43, Murrells Inlet

“I definitely participate. I’ll be at Bubba’s (Love Shak) all week working, serving the bikers.”

John Hava, 18, Murrells Inlet

Compiled by Paul Grimshaw for Weekly Surge

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