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January 29, 2013

Raves & Rage for Jan. 31, 2013



As a seasoned food and beverage professional, I am seeking employment in Myrtle Beach. Most of my job search is done online. I am constantly amazed and appalled by the "requirements" specified in ads such as "must have own vehicle" (even though we have public transportation), be available 24/7 - days, nights, weekends, holidays (even though the job is seasonal), "apply-in-person" even though much of the time there isn't even a company representative available to interview you, post the ad at the last minute, then e-mail you requesting an interview the following a.m. (assuming that everyone has access to the Internet and checks their e-mail every 5 minutes). I have lived all over the country and have never experienced such impersonal attitudes by employers and the lack of appreciation for honest, loyal and dependable employees who have no choice but to accept wages that aren't even adequate to maintain a modest standard of living. Many single-income people have no choice but to live in transient housing and relocate during the in-season so weekly/monthly rentals can hike up their prices and change to daily rates. I lived here in the ‘90s and upon moving back just over two years ago was and continue to be shocked by the negative changes that have taken place. All of the online disgruntled job applicants who respond to bogus ads and jerks' "help wanted" ads are confirmation that things need to be more like the "good ole days" in Myrtle Beach.

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