Raves & Rage for September 1, 2011

09/01/2011 12:00 AM

08/31/2011 3:38 PM


My rage is against the language on your Web site's Rave or Rage page. A man is showing us just his middle finger and a girl is giving the up with that sign. The copy reads, "If I would have had some man's b___s in my mouth before that blah, blah, blah." Please. This is too coarse and disgusting. Shame on you. Right, I won't be going back to read the adds on your pages because of this.


If I find anyone breaking into my car in Myrtle or Surfside especially while I'm working...their brains will be splattered. THAT I PROMISE. No more of this shit!


Come on, cancelling events because a storm might come this way is very weak. At least wait until a more accurate storm projection comes forth. People have time and money invested in these events, don't be such a wuss. Hunker down, damn it!


Cheers to the Weather Channel telling folks they might want to check their insurance policies with the hurricane approaching and call the insurance companies to upgrade policies. OK, I can see those companies telling folks "Sure! We'll upgrade that policy and take a beating with you!" RIIIGGGHHHT.


The South Carolina Bar PRO BONO Program is sponsoring legal lessons - a series for the public at HGTC. Cost - $45. That's funny. I thought Pro Bono meant free. Am I reading this correctly? Are our S.C. lawyers up to their typical shenanigans?


I am a server in a local restaurant and we have amazing food at great prices. You're getting good food and friendly service, the least you can do is tip us well. Servers make next to nothing and we can't live solely on our hourly rates, so we depend on our tips. If you get good service, show your server how much you appreciated it with a nice tip.


Why does the music scene in Myrtle suck? You have the same group of marginally talented people creating and recreating the same bands/songs/shows we have seen for (at least) 10 years. It's pathetic. How many punk rock proms does one town need to have? Now we have a new place coming, with owners new to the scene and all I'm hearing is negativity. From who? The same marginally talented group of aging scenesters who have had a hand in the destruction of nearly every single venue to come through town. If you and your amblyopic leader can't make it happen, let someone else have an honest go at it. We need new blood. We need talented people to be given a chance. We need new ideas (no more f#&king proms!). And we need those that have failed to graciously move aside and offer support to these kids because there was a time when they were once in those very same shoes.

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