Raves & Rage for August 11, 2011

08/11/2011 12:00 AM

08/10/2011 2:39 PM


To the off-duty jerk in our subdivision: You WERE tailgating us. We could not even see your headlights in the rearview mirror or the side mirrors. So yeah, I flipped you off. Then you proceeded to flash your brights at us repeatedly. We turn to go home and you follow us because, how wonderful, you live in our subdivision! We tell you need to learn how to drive and still don't admit your fault. You then THREATEN us, telling us you have gotten our tag number down and did we want you to call our parents (we are 20 and 22, I don't think they give a flying f***). When we tell you this, you inform us that you don't give shit how old we are. You also tell us that you could call someone down here, then FINALLY inform us that you are a police officer with Horry County, like you are some hot s***. Then you call me a b**** before we drive away. If you weren't a cop, I would have kicked your ass myself. Just because you have a badge doesn't mean you can threaten people, call them names, and try to tell them they broke the law, when they clearly didn't. You were probably a loser in high school that no one liked, so you chose to be a police officer so you could get some respect. How's that working out for you? You sure were setting a great example for your young, impressionable son, by calling an unknown woman a bitch, weren't you? And don't get it twisted in your screwed up mind that I hate all police officers. Just ones who try to abuse their power!


Pat yourselves on the back for having the good grace to report on your own shortcoming (no Surge in your own box) and do so with a smile!


Last I checked home sales are still slow and there are still lots of foreclosures on the market but when you try to buy one it seems like all you run into is issues. I have been trying to buy a house for almost 6 months now, I have secured a loan and have placed bids and surprisingly I am running into trouble buying a foreclosure from of all places, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. As I understand it they still need to move tons of homes. The home I placed a bid on is a foreclosure and after placing the bid, which was not too far off what they had wanted, they countered by taking $3,000 off the asking price. Based on that, it doesn't seem to me they want to move any houses off their books. I don't expect them to take a lot less for the home but I would expect them to have a reasonable counter offer. Another two properties I placed bids on were short sales and after hearing nothing back from the bank for over three months (who needs to move homes off their books) on whether they would accept the bid or make a counter offer I pulled the offers and the homes are still setting there - one which has been on the market for a year. Just a little insight as to why there is still a housing issue.

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