SURGE SUPERLATIVES: A cut above the rest

08/04/2011 12:00 AM

08/04/2011 3:19 PM

Were you named Most Likely to Succeed in high school?

Or maybe your snappy duds landed you on the Best Dressed list.

Or perhaps your incessant jabbering garnered the title of Most Talkative.

Was this achievement, voted on by your peers, galvanized forever in the pages of your high school yearbook, recently to come back and haunt you on Facebook?

If this rings a bell, your school days (or daze) involved the time-honored tradition of Senior Superlatives, just one of the many popularity contests that pumped up already gargantuan egos, or added further fodder of contempt for the downtrodden, outcast and forgotten.

Perhaps you've never heard of a superlative, and the concept is foreign.

Here's a quick bit of schoolin':

Superlative: the highest or utmost degree; acme; height, peak; of the highest kind, quality, degree, etc.; supreme.

Coinciding with our five-year anniversary, it comes down to this, Weekly Surge is publishing its inaugural best-of edition, dubbed Surge Superlatives, and loosely modeled after those goofy senior superlatives you see in many high school yearbooks. In the following pages, we're unveiling Readers' Choice winners (which were voted online by readers in four staggered installments) and editorial picks we're calling Teachers' Pets, citing some of the best, weirdest and sometimes most-head-scratchingest things about life along the Grand Strand.

The main categories - Economics, Social Studies, Glee Club & Dance Team, and Extracurricular Activities - are patterned after academic offerings, but with cool subjects you wished were on the menu at your school, including Lounging and Barhopping 101, Shopping 101, and Eating 101.

What we strived for - and hoped we achieved - is a different kind of best-of contest and edition, where the head cheerleader and quarterback don't necessarily dominate the proceedings, and perhaps the geeks and nerds get a little revenge.

In addition, our esteemed editor and crack band of Surge contributors and correspondents attempted to mine mostly different terrain with the Teachers' Pet picks in order to avoid a rehashing of the same stuff that readers voted on...hopefully adding some Surge-style spice and irreverence to the affair.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows - this isn't the chamber of commerce newsletter.

Some of our picks are on the flipside - let's put it this way, it's kind of like how Chandler described Monica's awful back rubs - "You give the best bad massages. If anybody was looking for the best bad massage and they were thinking to themselves, "Who's the best of that?"

Alas, we don't have a category for bad massages, but we're not afraid to dish out some tough love. And it is love, because we adore living here, we simply think there's some room for improvement. (Did you hate getting that mark on your report card - NI - Needs Improvement?)

And we're certain that many readers will think our Superlatives need improvement - but that's the nature of a decidedly subjective beast (Teachers' Pets) coupled with a popularity contest (Readers Choice).

If it sparks discussion, that's OK, too.

Assemble the debate team!

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