Raves & Rage for July 28, 2011

07/28/2011 12:00 AM

07/27/2011 3:33 PM


I just wanted to say thanks to the gentlemen's club on Joe White Ave who donated money to build a new homeless shelter in MB. Why is that all of these other charities we never see where the donations go and we always read about how they misused funds? Including lots of churches, but I will not give the names, just find it on the Web and news.


Why is when working at a the bottom of the totem pole it's always crowded and working at the same job for a year and your still call a greenhorn "that's at my job." Why can't your employees or employers show little more positivity where all human.


Imagine my shock and surprise when I stop in front of The Sun News on Friday morning right there on the frontage road and all that's in the box is LAST WEEK'S SURGE! C'mon, guys! You can do better than that!


I work on the beach cleaning condos for a summer job. I make killer money. This job requires that I go in and out of the buildings located on the oceanfront. The same buildings that the people wealthy enough to rent those condos at a mortgage for a week are going in and out of. The same people who put their pants on just like I do in the morning. However, I cannot understand why it is that when I am coming from one condo to the next carrying a broom & mop, a bucket of cleaning supplies and a bag of linen that those people stare at me with the most repulsed look! Or why none of them will hold the elevator! Yes! I am hot, sweaty and working in this really hot beach weather! No! I am not here to lay up on the beach , be rude to the locals providing a service and to forget my driving lessons at home! I am a person just like them! I just happen to be cleaning up after their rich and snobby behinds! I guess money can't buy manners or cleanliness.

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