Murrells Inlet barkeep is ready to blow up your tank

08/20/2014 3:30 PM

08/20/2014 3:31 PM

BARTENDER | Danielle Maloney, 25

WHERE | King Street Grille, Murrells Inlet

What activity do people do that kills the most brain cells? Watching TV! It brainwashes you.

What activity do people do that builds the most brain cells? Reading for sure. A good book can soothe the soul and teach you a lot.

Do you consider yourself smart? I don't consider myself dumb...

Do you consider yourself a nerd? Most definitely. And proud of it.

How do you define a nerd? Well, I play a lot of video games, I love to read and watch the Discovery Channel all the time.

How often are you on the computer? Everyday. “World of Tanks” is my favorite game and it's a computer game.

What is so addicting about playing “World of Tanks”? Blowing other tanks up! Every battle is different, too, so it never gets boring.

Have you ever driven a tank in real life? I wish. It's on my bucket list.

Have you ever blown up anything in real life? Maybe a Barbie or two when I was little. Now I just stick to tanks so I don't get in trouble.

Do you go for military men, jocks or nerdy guys? My boyfriend’s kind of a jock and nerd all in one.

Are you athletic too? Sometimes. I like snowboarding and swimming in the ocean.

Which could you do faster, swim 100 yards or find the square root of 5,184? Swim 100 yards. Math is not my strong suit.

- Mandy Rogers for Weekly Surge

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