Murrells Inlet bartender can’t go for mismatched pajamas

08/12/2014 3:28 PM

08/12/2014 3:29 PM

BARTENDER | Rachael Hughes, 29

WHERE | Milardo's Pizzeria and Sports Pub

What's your fave local spot(besides Milardo's, of course)? Murphy's Law in Surfside (Beach).

When's the last time things went wrong and Murphy's Law happened to you? All month I've been trying to get to the beach or at least the pool and have limited opportunity to do so. I'd get up early and take the dog out and the weather is perfect, but go figure, soon as I go get ready and step out of the house the sky turns black and pours rain on me and my parade! Yet, the days I'm stuck at work are clear perfect beach days.

When's the last time things went wrong and Murphy's Law happened to you while driving? The red lights - I get 'em all only when I'm late.

What do you do when you're stuck at a red light... Get angry, check out the people in the car next to you, send text messages or do Chinese fire drills (run around your car) until the light changes? Depends on how interesting the people in the next car are, LOL...but usually they're not at all so, if I have an unanswered text I'll reply or just impatiently dance on the brakes to the beat of whatever song I'm jammin' out to.

What do you think about the new texting while driving law? (By the way you didn't incriminate yourself- you can still text at stoplights.) I'm all for the "text l8r" campaign and agree there should be laws concerning it. Safety first, people!

Do you think people should be able to eat while driving? Yes. I do all the time. And you still have one hand on the wheel and both eyes on the road.

What about knitting sweaters while driving? Ha-ha, that's ridiculous. I'd have to say no. Also, chances are if you're one to even want to knit while driving, you probably shouldn't be driving anymore anyway.

Tell us something most people don't know about you. That's tough... Not many people know that I can't go to bed with out PJs that match... No random bed clothes for this girl, LOL.

- Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge

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