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April 7, 2014

Young entrepreneur is a Myrtle Beach mover and shaker

Working for a Living for April 10, 2014

Vincent D’Alessio, 22, moved to the Myrtle Beach at age 17 from Long Island, N.Y., and jumped right into Coastal Carolina University, majoring in Spanish and Marketing. When his friends and fellow students were living it up on the usual breaks and summer vacations, D’Alessio had his nose to the grindstone in Miami, working for an insurance agency there and honing his business skills.

He also worked in the timeshare industry here in Myrtle Beach for a couple of years “I really learned a lot about a revolutionary product and a great company,” he says. His flexible schedule there gave him the space to kindle his entrepreneurial spirit, which culminated in a moving company he started last year called Makin’ Moves, Inc. ( www.makinmoves.biz)

“I come from a sales background, but I had a lot of friends who chose to allocate a lot of their time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity as movers for them – so I knew a lot of qualified movers and saw that there was moving work in the area,” he says. He spoke to folks in his neighborhood. “Some elderly couples talked about movers charging a bunch of money by the hour and they didn’t work quickly. I saw an opportunity to change how this was done.”

Makin’ Moves is all about young guys who want to work and make an honest living in the process. “We’ll do everything from packing, tagging, shrink-wrapping – loading up the whole house – help you out with some heavy lifting in your yard you want done while we’re there – trash pickup – we’re flexible and we don’t nickel-and-dime you for everything.” D’Alessio’s goal is for Makin’ Moves to erase the stigma that some movers don't take proper care of clients’ belongings.

Coming from the insurance and timeshare industries, D’Alessio is constantly working with these folks and real estate agents to create referrals. “All of my free time I’m out marketing – handing out cards, flyers – building the business and doing job estimates.” But he’s also rolling up his sleeves and moving stuff. “I’m not your average boss,” he says. “I’m the guy on the other side of the couch – but when the time comes to talk business with the client, I have to put on a different hat.”

Decompression time for D’Alessio includes visits to the gym or hitting up local nightlife.

He is also a self-professed beach bum. “Even if I have a couple of hours in the early morning before a job, I try to get there and just clear my head once every week or two – even if it’s cold out.”

And what about future plans?

“I don’t like to look too many steps ahead,” he says. “I might trip on what’s right in front of me. Right now I’m building my business and developing good relationships.”

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