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Hotdog Eating Contest at Carolina Roadhouse

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Carolina Roadhouse in Myrtle Beach held a hotdog eating contest on Sept. 15. But this wasn't just any hotdog; it was the killer dog topped with french fries, chili and cheese and weighing in at three pounds. The first of seven participants to finish the killer dog won free killer dogs for a year.


Gallery | Carolina Roadhouse's Killer Dog Eating Contest

Carolina Roadhouse’s Killer Dog Eating Contest was Sept. 15. Seven participants attempted to be the first to finish the restaurant’s Killer Dog, a foot-long kosher hotdog grilled “backyard style” on a bun with mustard and covered with french fries, homemade chili, cheese and onions. It weighs three pounds. Eric Straube won the contest, finishing off his killer dog in 9 minutes, 43 seconds. He won killer dogs for a year. The other participants were Nick Santangelo (second place), Ben Grainger, Justin Thompson, Frank Smith, Stuart Butler, Patrick McInerney. The restaurant, at 4617 N. Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

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