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August 7, 2014

Open Mike Night turns 5; ManBearPig on the rampage; and Wahoo Creek solo project

Music Notes for Aug. 7, 2014

Creatures of the Night

ManBearPig; besides being my all-time favorite “South Park” character, a mythical creature with whom a fictionalized former Vice President Al Gore is obsessed, is also a Surfside Beach-based metal band. Like its ghoulish and cartoonish namesake, ManBearPig occasionally makes appearances to melt faces as only a creature part man, part bear, and part pig, can do.

The Rockin’ Hard Saloon in Murrells Inlet, one of the very few Grand Strand venues catering to metal bands and their fans, will host ManBearPig, Wake the Beast, and The Day of Night at 8 p.m. on Aug. 16.

The show will reunite several local metal men including two former Grill members, bassist/vocalist Whitey Klown (of ManBearPig) and Dave “Beaner” Dominguez, performing in the Philadelphia, Pa.-based death metal act Wake the Beast.

Five Fresh Years

Singer/songwriter/open mike night host, Brian Roessler, announced that tonight’s Fresh Brewed Coffee House Open Mike Night marks the event’s five-year anniversary. Missing very few Thursdays at Fresh Brewed, this is one of the longest continually running open mike nights on the Grand Strand.

Additionally, Fresh Brewed will host a multi-band bill including Roessler, Phil Fox’s Wicked Gift, and local college boy Quinn Cicala at 8 p.m. Friday. The all-ages coffee house is located at 933 Broadway Street, in Myrtle Beach.

Something to Say

Though his country music-inspired act, Wahoo Creek Band, is on “hiatus,” according to its Facebook page, Tim Thompson isn’t slowing in his desire to share his tunes with whoever will listen. His first fully self-realized project, “Something to Say” is available as a digital download on iTunes, through, Google Play Store, and streaming through Spotify.

Thompson seems to realize that the project has some limitations; he played and recorded all the instruments, and wrote and sang all the songs, but he’s in awe of how easily his music is now available to a potentially huge audience. “I do know it will never get the level of exposure as something recorded and produced by a big record label,” said Thompson, “but I’m pleased with what I’ve created, and how my music is available to the world with just the click of a mouse.”

Thompson took “solo” to a new level with the project. “I wanted to see just how far I could take my solo music without the assistance of any other musicians. I wanted something that was completely honest and from my soul.” The other Wahoo Creek Band members are still making music in various forms including stints in local cover bands, in church praise-and-worship teams, and through solo projects.

Thompson says his solo project began as an idea for something to leave for his two young sons to listen to, perhaps decades from now; a sampling of the 2014 version of their dad.

“You never know how long you have here [on Earth], so I’m always leaving notes for my boys when I leave for work. I thought that because music is such a part of my life, I might be able to share something with [them] and to let them know they will always be loved. I like to tell stories about my past problems and childhood, [which might] help them with their own problems. I decided after finishing “Something to Say,” I would share it with the world, and that maybe others would enjoy it, too.”

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