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05/07/2013 2:05 PM

05/07/2013 2:06 PM

TreeHouse!, a local reggae band with a splash of jam rock thrown in, recently put their second album online for streaming, and it’s definitely something special.

“Growth” was recorded live, with tracks being touched up in post-production, and you definitely get that feeling listening to each track. The opening song, “Young One,” contains the lyric “surrounded by the sound,” and that’s as apt a description as any for this release.

There’s a real sense of rhythm throughout the album as guitars, drums and several other instruments come together to create a wonderfully flowing stream of reggae fused with other musical elements. “Healing Rock” leads off with a harmonica that perfectly compliments both the pacing and the tone of the song. “Darlin’ ” also features a saxophone solo, so it’s clear the band didn’t feel the need to restrict themselves to the traditional instruments of reggae.

The songs range from a high seven minutes to a low of three, but no song feels overly long because there’s too much to enjoy to fret over minutes and seconds. Further to that point, the songs were recorded live. Often during live shows, bands will riff and extend songs to give the audience something extra for supporting the band. Odds are not one person in the audience of one of those shows ever cared how long a song ended up being played. The same holds true here.

It’s clear that TreeHouse! had a lot of fun writing and recording this album, and it’s an excellent effort all around. Go ahead and try not bobbing your head to “Wildman Rastafari” or “Irie Smiles.” You won’t be able to. Fans will be pleased with the progression the band shows musically here, and newcomers will have another album to add to their playlists. If you’re new to reggae, there aren’t much better places to start than with the new TreeHouse! album, “Growth.”

Kyle Drapeau, For The Sun News

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