Kicks! Quicks | Want Italian? Save on airfare and try Capriccio in Myrtle Beach

02/26/2014 11:19 AM

02/26/2014 11:20 AM

I can honestly say, except for the one time they, sans notice, substituted lupini beans for cannellini, in the escarole and beans, I have never been disappointed by the food at Cappricio.

In fact, if I had to complain, I would say that the restaurant was too small for its loyal following, which made it awkward to wait for a table or take-out, a failing that they have rectified by expanding.

Where you once might have feared backing into someone’s Margherita Pizza or Eggplant Parmesan, since there was nowhere to stand, you can now relax around their lovely bar, and your wait will likely be shorter, as there are at least twice as many tables.

Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!

Why? First and foremost, because it is as suitable for a date night as it as a family night out; and secondly, because it is accessible to every budget and palate, despite dietary predilections.

Their fresh baked bread, served with entrees, is perfection. At lunch, although butter is on offer, there is a worthwhile upcharge for the olive oil with herbs. It is complimentary at dinner, as is their scrumptious focaccio.

For starters, I recommend the Mozzarella Caprese – exquisite in its simplicity, the bruschetta – all of the flavors come together and the grilled vegetables are a meal in themselves.

Although I imagine that all of their salads are well executed, I have yet to explore beyond the Greek with grilled chicken (their emulsified balsamic dressing could be served as a cocktail) and the Arugula salad with grilled salmon. When you find something that delights, it is hard to venture past it.

When I do, it is, more often than not, to order escarole and beans. I will not belabor the point, as I have, in this same publication, declared that this is one of the best things that I have ever eaten in this area.

On occasion, I have been tempted by their calzones, which do not appear on their menu, likely because they are so divine that word of mouth alone should suffice. Spinach, chicken and cheese and meatball are two Tall family favorites.

As for their pizza, of which I am a fan, I will defer to the opinion of Gary and Sandy Edelman, avowed pizza snobs:

“Gary is from Philly, and if you have ever had Philly or NYC pizza, then you know what good pizza really is, and Capriccio has it. We will travel [from North Myrtle Beach], in the traffic, just to get it.”

So if you are hankering for a taste of Italy, keep your passport in your safety deposit box, save the airfare and head to Cappricio.

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