Issac Bailey blog | Reports: ‘Obamacare’ helping push down Medicare costs and uninsured rate

July 10, 2014 

Issac Bailey, The Sun News Photo by Steve Jessmore


I haven’t done anything in-depth on the Affordable Care Act in a while but will fairly soon. In the meantime, here are a few recent reports that continue proving the critics of health reform wrong:

The newest health insurance recipients are happy with their plans – including most Republicans – as millions have been removed from the ranks of the uninsured.

Read more about that here:

And here:

The top threat to the country’s long-term fiscal health has long been skyrocketing health care costs, which was only expected to worsen with our aging population and the flood of new retirees from the massive baby boom generation. Well, don’t look now, but that picture has begun to brighten a bit, in part due to the ACA.

Read more about that here:

As with any massive reform of this reach and scale, there will be positives and negatives, bright spots and challenges.

Here is one:

Here is another:

Here’s one more:

But so far, the worst fears of the loudest critics have not come to pass as maybe up to 29 million Americans have already been effected by health reform.

Here’s a running tally from a blogger who more accurately kept track of enrollment data than just about any in the country:

And here’s a piece detailing why the ACA isn’t reaching even more people:

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