Myrtle Beach Mutiny roll past Raleigh Railhawks

mmckinnon@thesunnews.comJune 28, 2014 

Following a three-match losing streak, the Mutiny wanted to get back on track.

They did just that.

Myrtle Beach’s Max Weston scored two goals and the Mutiny cruised to a 4-2 victory over the Raleigh Railhawks on Saturday at Ashley Booth Field.

“It’s huge to get a win. We went on a three-game losing streak and it was tough,” Myrtle Beach coach Jack Vundum said. “But [the win] was a testament to the boys’ character and what this team is all about. They never shy away from a challenge and they stay focused on what we’re trying to do. I’m definitely pleased with them tonight. The past few weeks we’ve been working on things we haven’t been doing so well and they came out and performed.”

Weston said a quick start on defense helped the Mutiny on offense as they went into halftime with 3-1 advantage. Weston scored his first goal in the 30th minute and was assisted by RJ Bass.

“It always feels great to score three goals in the first half,” Weston said. “It also puts a lot of pressure on you in the second half because you know the other team is going to come out hard. So you have to match that level and know how to work them.”

Said Vundum: “We got an early three goals, got ourselves in form and in the second half we did the job defensively. We sat in, stayed tight as a team and limited their opportunities.”

Raleigh scored just one second-half goal, which came in the 52nd minute to cut its deficit to one, but Weston scored on a penalty kick in the 76th minute to put the Railhawks away.

“You can never be comfortable with a lead that close,” Weston said. “It’s one of the most dangerous leads in soccer because one more goal and they’re back in it; and they were [back in it]. But fortunately we had the right response.”

Vundum said his faith in the team never wavered.

“I always have trust in these boys,” Vundum said. “One-nil with 30 minutes to go, I would be comfortable and confident with these boys. Any lead at all, I know these guys have the will and character to finish it out.”

The Mutiny will look to build off its momentum and take strides toward securing a playoff spot.

“We’ve got two games and six points on the table coming up, so we’re trying to close the gap on the leaders,” Vundum said. “We have another one at home and a chance for another three points so we need to remain focused and build on this performance and use the confidence we’ve built from this win.”

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