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Letters | Myrtle Beach leaders need to understand region’s real problems

June 25, 2014 

Re: June 13 letter from Anne Causey, "Give leaders a taste of life at Bikefest"

I could not agree more. From my point of view, our City Council is a perfect example of poor leadership.

Our leaders do not care about the taxpayers of this city. Instead of wanting the longest boardwalk in the world, focus on the real problems. Why is our "old downtown" in the condition it’s in?

Conway, Georgetown, hundreds of small towns in South Carolina have beautiful restored down towns. Look at ours, it’s a shame. Ever been to Summerville? Beautiful.

I would love to spend time and money here but it is not possible. I went to City Council with a problem, you should see how it was fixed.

So I agree, spend some time living the problem and it just might change your views. It’s possible that you could come up with a plan that would benefit the taxpaying citizens.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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