Myrtle Beach area birth announcements

June 25, 2014 


Waccamaw Community Hospital

Van and Crystal Fulton of Andrews, a son, Gage Emerson Fulton, June 4.

Adam and Ashleigh Justice of Surfside Beach, a daughter, Stella Adaleigh, June 10.

Conway Medical Center

Matthew Cooper and Ashley Boyd of Conway, a daughter, Annabella Grace Cooper, April 3.

Mikel Norris and Virginia Shoemaker of Conway, a daughter, Cora Lea Norris, May 31.

Matthew Chick and Mary Thorpe of Conway, a son, Haven Matthew Chick, June 1.

Kimberly Thompson of Longs, a son, Sebastian Alexander Thompson, June 2.

Kerri Gindroz of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Riley Elizabeth Gindroz, June 2.

William Edens Jr. and Amanda Edens of Conway, a son, William Thomas Edens III, June 2.

Genell Taylor of Myrtle Beach, a son, Jayden Lashawn Taylor, June 3.

Michael and Jennifer Atkinson of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Hayven Gray Atkinson, June 3.

Brandon and Kimberly Sweeney of Conway, a son, Landon Gunnar Sweeney, June 4.

Cole and Jenna Shapiro of Conway, a son, Duke Daniel Shapiro, June 4.

Mychaelah Polly of Conway, a daughter, Amiyah Mae Polly, June 4.

Cody and Theresa Streasick of Conway, a son, Merritt Michael Streasick, June 5.

Timothy McWatty and Kelsea Berthiaume of Loris, a daughter, Zoey Skylar McWatty, June 5.

Erika Long of Conway, a son, Brandon Anthony-Lamar Sherman, June 5.

Brian and Angela Wise of Conway, a son, Bryson Bentley Wise, June 6.

Jason and Peggy Strickland of Conway, a daughter, Blakeleigh Alanna Strickland, June 6.

Brandon Creech and Mikela Parmley of Conway, a son, Bryson King Creech, June 7.

Brian and Natalie Sexton of Conway, a son, Josiah Dean Sexton, June 9.

Charles and Erin Buckner of Conway, a daughter, Avery Peyton Buckner, June 9.

Tim Nash and Jessica Lomaire of Myrtle Beach, a son, Mason Joseph-Ray Nash, June 9.

Markus and Candace Fulwood of Conway, a daughter, Cameron Fulwood, June 9.

Ashley Buchanan and Zane Anderson of Conway, a daughter, Zoey Rose Anderson, June 10.

John Michaels Jr. and Jessica Rolets of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Jaylynn Paige Michaels, June 10.

Timothy and Jessica Tindall of Conway, a son, Camden Reid Tindall, June 10.

Marian Rhems of Conway, a daughter, Paris Cassidy Rhems, June 10.

Christopher and Miranda Larson of Conway, a daughter, Nola Clare Larson, June 10.

Esiquio Velazques Morales and Arely Lopez Perez of Galivants Ferry, a son, Samuel Velazques Perez, June 10.

William Staggs and Shawna Canvel of Myrtle Beach, a son, James Parker Staggs, June 11.

Jesse Wilt and Roxanne Williamson of Conway, a son, James David Wilt, June 11.

Shawn and Beth Thacher of Conway, a son, Travis Logan Thacher, June 12.

Tyrone and Sierra Davis of Myrtle Beach, a daughter, Giselle Taliyah Davis, June 12.

Samuelle and Britt Davis of Conway, a daughter, Brielle Shirley Davis, June 12.

Compiled by Lisa Urban,

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