Letter | Article on Billy Casper reunion with vet he inspired was inspirational

May 12, 2014 

Vietnam War survivor Clebe McClary (right) reunites with golf great Billy Casper at the Masters 46 years after their first meeting.

WETZEL, DAVID — Submitted photo

Kudos to reporter Alan Blondin on the touching article on April 29th about the reunion of PGA great Billy Casper and retired Lt. Clebe McClary of Pawleys Island.

Being a Vietnam veteran, it brought tears to my eyes as I read about their reunion after 40 years. Billy Casper is a great man. He visited many wounded Vietnam soldiers in the Japan hospital in 1968, including a gravely wounded Marine Lt. McClary.

The words he said to Lt. McClary at the hospital gave him strength and motivation to live even though doctors said he was on his death bed.

Throughout his life, Lt. McClary has touched and helped many others with motivational presentations to churches and other groups.

You're right, Billy Casper, God had a plan for Lt. McClary. Just as important, he had a plan for you as well.

The writer lives in Little River.

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