Letters | Finding a Bright spot in politics; Socastee swing bridge gets too many turns; Gun confiscation worries not legit

April 2, 2014 

Lee Bright

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Finding a Bright spot in politics

I felt totally rejected after the 2012 election and was full of despair about the direction our country was taking. I feared that my children and my grandchild would not have the opportunity that I had while growing up or as a working adult. I had a pity party for a while but then decided if I wanted change I had to get involved to try and make that happen.

I went to a meeting where the four candidates running against Sen. Lindsey Graham were debating. Out of the four came a breath of fresh air, Lee Bright. Bright has been our S.C. senator for two terms and has a track record that backs up what he says. As I listened to Bright talk, he rang true to the way I was feeling. No one in Washington was listening to we the people. He stands for Second Amendment rights, for without this right there are no others. He is pro-life and has fought for that belief. He is against Common Core, which is the dumbing down of our children in school preparing them to become laborers and not think for themselves. He is also against Obamacare and will vote to get rid of it when he is elected. That is when I decided to volunteer for Bright’s campaign. I watched Bright stand up and speak out for what is correct during that debate and he will do the same thing for you in Washington, D.C.

I would ask each and every voter to do your homework this coming election, it can mean the difference between keeping our beautiful America or becoming a new Russia or China.

Becky Kaplan

Little River


Swing bridge gets too many turns

Does the Socastee drawbridge no longer have scheduled times to turn? I have noticed the past few years the bridge has no set schedule like it used to have and seems to turn for every single boat that doesn’t fit underneath as soon as it approaches.

I had enough the afternoon of March 24. We crossed the bridge at 4:30 p.m. to have dinner at River City Cafe just across the waterway. As we were going across, the bell started chiming, indicating that it was turning. Over the course of the next hour, it turned three additional times as we sat along the window and had dinner. Afterward, traffic was backed up to the Bi-Lo east of the waterway on Old S.C. 544, and the intersection at S.C. 707 was a disaster. Something needs to be done about this ongoing issue!

Josh Martin

Myrtle Beach

Gun control

Gun confiscation worries not legit

On the subject of gun laws, Chris Ullmeyer (“Do the research before leaping to gun-death conclusions,” March 15) offers up a bunch of stale National Rifle Association talking points. The “famous” Adolf Hitler quote he cites is in reality one of many fabrications from none other than Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s notorious spokesman.

The NRA needs to peddle fear and paranoia in order to keep the checks rolling in, and to sell more guns and ammo. Gun control in Germany was enacted after that country was defeated in World War I and chaos and violence in the streets bordered on civil war as rival factions sought to seize control of power.

Both Yugoslavia and Iraq were controlled by brutal dictators, yet we learned on the news that nearly every adult male had an AK-47 stashed under his bed. So much for gun confiscation. I’ve been a gun owner for more than 30 years and have never lost a night’s sleep worrying about someone grabbing my firearms.

Michael Leonard

Sunset Beach, N.C.

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