Weekly golf tip with Brad Redding (April 1)

April 1, 2014 

Finding the right arch

S–Posture is where the player creates too much arch in their lower back by sticking their tall bone out too much in the set-up position. This excessive curvature in the lower back or S-Posture puts abnormally high stress on the muscles in the lower back and causes abdominal muscles to relax. To fix this, get onto the ground on your hands and knees. Go into an excessive arch position, then an excessive rounding of the back position. Keep alternating and then find the neutral of these two. This is the position your back should be at address.

BRAD REDDING is director of instruction at Grande Dunes Golf Academy and is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. He can be reached at 913-1359 or brad@bradreddinggolf.com.

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