We have right to choose how to live our lives

March 16, 2014 

I don’t know the whole story about this Arizona thing or the law that is supposed to protect religious freedoms, but to my knowledge this thing started when a wedding photographer refused to take a picture of a gay couple. That should have ended it right there; the couple should have went and got somebody that was not opposed to gay marriage to take their picture, but no, they or somebody had to make an issue out of it and try to make it a point to force their lifestyle on Christians.

The Lord gives us the freedom to make our own decisions in our lives. If we are not his, we are not beholden to Him or His ways, but if we are His, our lives are His and our way of living is a reflection on Him. If you are a Christian, you will live your life for Him and by His word, which is the Bible. The Bible has many places in it that speaks against homosexuality, and for a Christian to be a true Christian, he or she can’t be for gay marriage or the practice of homosexuality, in general.

Saying this, we were all sinners, and still so, against God, and all fall short of His Glory. Gay people can be saved, but they will not continue living the lifestyle because the Lord chastises those that are His. Being a Christian and loving the Lord and His ways and His Word gives you an understanding of His Word that lost people don’t see because they are depending on themselves. Being a Christian does not give me or another the right to judge because only the Good Lord above has that power, but it does give me the right to live my life the way that I think the Lord wants me to. And if that means that I don’t want to partake of things that are worldly and go against what the Bible speaks of as wrong, that is my right.

So, in the end, all I ask is that my rights as a Christian person, are not trampled upon just because the world and the U.S. government think that they know more than God, our Heavenly Father. We will ultimately all be judged by a righteous judge that won’t be concerned whether or not we are on the right or wrong side of history.

The writer lives in Aynor.

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