CCU’s The Athenaeum Press seeks project proposals

vgrooms@thesunnews.comMarch 12, 2014 

Through the university seal on the front door of the Edward M. Singleton Building are people walking through James P. Blanton Park at Coastal Carolina University on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013. The university's trustees had approved a $4 million renovation budget and now they are being asked to add another $6 million on to the budget so the building can be gutted, renovated and updated. According to the university's web site, Singleton was built in 1962 as the first building on campus. Photo by Janet Blackmon Morgan /


The Athenaeum Press at Coastal Carolina University is seeking project proposals for its flagship publication series for fall 2014 and for its chapbook series for summer and fall 2014.

The Athenaeum Press is a student-centered laboratory for document design, editing, publishing and new media development and dissemination and, unlike other presses, does not just print already completed projects. Selected projects undergo a process where professors and students collaborate with the project initiator to design, build and produce high-quality content in a variety of media formats.

Flagship projects undergo a one- to two-year development process and involve multiple classes of students. Project proposals should identify disciplinary areas, such as music or photography, that the project involves and concrete skills that students can learn while working on the project. Chapbooks are typically developed over a semester and often involve a few students, the project initiator and one or two faculty members, resulting in a publication of less than 100 pages.

Project selections are based on their potential for development and multimedia application, commitment to collaborating and building student skills, and level of local, regional and national interest. Proposals should include a preliminary budget with estimated costs for equipment, travel, etc., and the scope and range of the interested audience.

Proposals should be from 400 to 500 words and can be submitted at (go to “Contact” and fill out the form) before April 4. Submitters will be notified of a decision by May 2. Proposals should not be submitted simultaneously to the Press and other journals/publishers.

For more information, contact Director Trisha O’Connor at 349-6652 or

Contact VICKI GROOMS at 443-2401 or follow her at

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