Letters | New gun rules ‘unfathomable,’ stupid; Red Hot Chili Peppers not so hot; Pres. Obama take note: Silence is golden

March 2, 2014 


Allowing weapons in bars,

restaurants ‘unfathomable’

I was quite surprised to read about the proposal that guns be allowed in bars, restaurants, and other public places. It is unfathomable to me that in a time riddled with newscast reports of shootings in schools, malls and elsewhere, that anyone would propose such a law. It is common knowledge that fights break out regularly in bars. An available gun in the altercation would pretty much guarantee someone getting seriously hurt or killed. Is this really what we want to encourage?

When I read Cristina Lafferty Hassinger’s letter about the horror of the Sandy Hook shooting becoming commonplace, my heart went out to her. It does seem, given the amount of shootings since the December 2012 massacre, that we would be proposing laws to inhibit such incidents, not enable them. What were they thinking?

I pray that the persons who voted on this proposal will pause and think about all of the possible consequences of their actions.

Connie Jefferson Lange



New gun rules sad,

and really stupid

Now we can have take-your-gun-to-lunch week. If the chef overcooks your steak – shoot him. Hey don’t change that TV channel or I’ll shoot you all.

We could open a new “gin” joint and call it “Booze and Bullets.” The masses of asses win again.

Ken Morris

Garden City Beach

Super Bowl

That’s entertainment?

not to this viewer

“Red Hot Chili Peppers” entertainment at Super Bowl half-time left a lot to be desired.

And if America thinks seeing a group of middle-aged, tattooed, half-dressed men jumping around to music that has no rhythm, entertainment, then I am glad to be old and not long for this world.

Phoebe B. Stacy



Mr. President take note:

Silence would be golden,

President Obama must be delusional giving speeches with his captive, numbskull audience posed behind him.

Doesn't he realize that the large majority of Americans reach for the mute button the instant they see his image appear on the screen.

The national debt is a runaway train, Obamacare is a joke, our international integrity is at an all time low and most Americans don't believe a word Pres. Obama has to say. The only thing they want to hear from him is “goodbye,” and the sooner the better.

Charles M. Slevin


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