Police: Investigation into Heather Elvis case continues

troot@thesunnews.comFebruary 25, 2014 

While members of the community hoped Tuesday for answers about 20-year-old Heather Elvis, authorities continued their investigative work and acknowledged residents’ interests, while still keeping much close to their vests.

Tammy Lorinda Moorer, 41, and Sidney St. Clair Moorer, 38, each remain jailed, charged with murder, kidnapping, indecent exposure and obstruction of justice, related to the disappearance of Elvis. A bond hearing for the couple is scheduled for March 17.

The murder charges against them came after a dramatic weekend that began with their arrests and a search warrant served at their home on Friday. The pair were charge over the next three days, ending with Monday’s murder charges.

On Tuesday 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson acknowledged in a statement the community’s want for more information about the Elvis case, but he said in spite of the weekend’s charges the case remains ongoing.

“In the interest of justice for Heather, her family and friends, and the entire Horry County community, we simply cannot risk jeopardizing either the current investigation or future prosecution at this time,” Richardson said.

The statement continued to say information will be released when the risk lowers “as we know it will help answer questions and provide some degree of closure to a grieving family and community.”

Horry County police Lt. Robert Kegler said that while the investigation into what happened to Heather Elvis continued Tuesday, no searches for her body were scheduled.

He said police continue to receive tips concerning the woman and officers are working those tips.

Supporters of the Elvis family said Sunday and Monday that they want answers but understand information being withheld.

“We’re not done. We have to find Heather,” April Stoddard, a family friend said Monday. “We do not have closure, we do not have answers. We have enough to start, but it’s not finished.”

Elvis was last seen the night of Dec. 17 and last heard from Dec. 18, according to authorities. In a report filed by an Horry County police officer, Elvis’ car was found late Dec. 19 parked at Peachtree Boat landing. The officer called Elvis’ father, because the vehicle was registered to him, to inquire why it was parked there.

In arrest warrants released Monday, police said that on or about Dec. 18, the couple kidnapped and murdered “Heather Elvis with malice, forethought” at the Peachtree Boat Landing.

The indecent exposure arrest warrants for the Moorers, released Sunday, showed the Moorers are accused of exposing themselves in public between Dec. 17 and Dec. 18 at 1325 Celebrity Circle and in Conway at Atlantic Avenue and Century Circle. The obstruction warrants also showed that Sidney Moorer impeded or interfered with the investigation into Elvis’ disappearance by providing false, misleading or inaccurate information regarding Elvis’ disappearance and their activities in the early morning hours on Dec. 18, which caused authorities to divert resources.

The obstruction of justice warrant for Tammy Moorer is almost identical, but said she provided false information about her and her husband’s activities Dec. 18.

The Moorers have been held since Friday, when police took them into custody from their home on Highway 814.

Anyone with information about Heather Elvis or the case can call Horry County police at 915-TIPS.

Reporter Amanda Kelley contributed to this report.

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