Timeline of events in the Heather Elvis case

February 24, 2014 

A timeline of events surrounding the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

Dec. 17: Elvis returns from a date, which reportedly is the last time she was seen.

Dec. 18: Elvis’ cell phone pings off a tower near Peachtree Landing on the Waccamaw River for the last time in the early morning hours.

Dec. 19: Elvis’ car is found at the landing.

Dec. 20: $1,000 reward offered for information on Elvis’ whereabouts.

Dec. 21: The Find Heather Elvis Facebook page is created.

Dec. 22: A vigil is held for Elvis’ safe return home.

Dec. 23: Reward money increases to $10,000.

Dec. 29: Executive Helicopters joins CUE Center for Missing Persons and more volunteers search on land.

Jan. 6: Elvis’ case is shown in a segment on HLN’s Nancy Grace. Dateline NBC features web post on her disappearance.

Jan. 9: Good Morning America features Elvis’ story.

Jan. 20: Reward is bumped up to $30,000.

Jan. 23: A prayer vigil is held for Elvis’ safe return home.

Jan. 28: Two Myrtle Beach men – William Christopher Barrett, 52, and Garrett Ryan Starnes, 25 – charged with obstructing justice for reportedly posting misleading information on Facebook regarding the Elvis case.

Feb. 3: The Find Heather Elvis page on Facebook reaches 45,000 members.

Feb. 4: Terry Elvis, Heather’s father, reports to Myrtle Beach Police that a man in a Jeep yelled to him, “We already have Heather, Morgan is next,” according to an incident report.

Feb. 18: A prayer vigil is held for Elvis’ safe return home.

Feb. 20: Tammy Moorer posts on her Facebook: “Enough is enough and today this family will start filing charges against everyone we possibly can. I will no longer feel sorry for you or let ignorance be your excuse. With that being said, we do NOT owe this to any of you, but here are the FACTS! Sidney cooperated with HCPD from the second he was contacted. He spoke with them on the phone, and voluntarily went over to the offices in Conway to speak with detectives in person. That same day I allowed HCPD to come inside our home to take a look around. They also asked to look through our Mickey camper and I granted them permission. In addition, three search warrants were also served. One for telephones, one for surveillance, and one for our vehicle. Both the Moorer house and Caison house were looked at during this time.”

Feb. 21: Search warrant served at the home of the Moorers, 8687 Highway 814, Myrtle Beach. Arrest warrants for Sidney and Tammy Moorer issued for two counts each of indecent exposure and one count each of obstructing justice.

Feb. 22: The Moorers charged with one count each of kidnapping Heather Elvis.

Feb. 24: The Moorers charged with one count each of murdering Heather Elvis.

SOURCE: The Sun News archives, Facebook.com

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