Former Freestyle Music Park property to be used for Medieval Times horses to exercise

dbryant@thesunnews.comFebruary 20, 2014 

A small slice of land that was part of the former Freestyle Music Park property is going to the horses.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is buying roughly four acres from the park property owners so the attraction’s 22 horses can use it for exercise and grazing, Medieval Times spokeswoman Jennifer Willard said. The attraction had used that piece of land for the horses prior to the theme park opening as Hard Rock Park in 2008.

With the property owners now selling off the rides, Medieval Times saw an opportunity to again use a small slice of the park property that is beside Medieval’s parking lot. When the theme park was operating, Medieval Times used a stable in the Socastee area for its horses to get some exercise, Willard said. It’s just more convenient having an area beside the theater, she said.

“It was a nice addition for us to recapture that land,” Willard said.

A corral has already been installed.

The change in use on the property, which is part of what’s called a planned development district in Horry County, must be approved by the Horry County Council. The council gave an initial nod Tuesday to carve out the roughly four acres, but must have two more favorable votes on it before it becomes official.

“We are in the final stages,” Willard said. “Most everything out there has been finalized.”

The 140-acre park property hasn’t seen much action since the park shut down after summer 2009. The park failed twice in two years, first as Hard Rock Park during the summer of 2008 then as Freestyle Music Park, which operated for summer 2009.

Late last year, Freestyle started selling off its rides, listing them for sale on the website of Ital International, which brokers the sale of new and used theme park and amusement rides. Family Kingdom Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach bought several of Freestyle’s rides for its park on Ocean Boulevard.

Medieval Times has its eyes on other potential opportunities with the former park property, most notably the possibility of acquiring a parking lot that sits nearby, between Medieval Times and the former Ice Castle building, Willard said.

“Maybe that is something we try to tackle in the near future,” she said.

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