Letter | Let’s put Obama’s presidency in perspective

February 9, 2014 

Where was Fox News during the Bush years when our embassies were overrun? In some places, Karachi, where U. S. Diplomat, John Foy and other Americans were killed, nothing was ever mentioned. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia there were nine dead Americans and 36 others killed. In Bali some five Americans were killed.

You can look them up, there were more.

Then the business about the IRS only targeting only Tea Party 501 (c3s), yet not one GOP operation was shut down. The IRS did shut down a Democratic 501 operating in Maine because it was run by all women. This group had been operating for more than seven years prior, in fact they even listed their donors.

The GOP’s larger 501s don't want their secret donors listed and they outnumber the Democrats by a 34 to 1 dollar ratio. Our friends the Koch Brothers are the major proponents of these political tax dodge schemes. The Kochs stand to make more than $100 billion for themselves when the Keystone Pipeline is completed. Once the oil from Canada reaches the Gulf of Mexico it will be shipped to the highest bidder. That’s China, according to the New York Times.

Remember George Bush, who took time off from the Texas National Guard for two years to campaign for his father? Try that when you are on active duty and you end up in the crowbar hotel. Despite the military image, the GOP wears, the Dems have had more active duty military than their Republican brothers in arms. The real war heroes are the quiet ones who don't brag about it. A real patriot who comes to mind is Jimmy Stewart, who joined the military before Pearl Harbor as a private and rose through the ranks to general.

Just look at Dick Cheney, who personally profited from the wars through Halliburton. When he was on Meet the Press, he was asked if he served and answered, “I was never asked.” This is a far cry from Jack Kennedy's, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” Dick Cheney took some 9 to 11 draft deferments during the Vietnam War. One should ask why we are committed to two wars at once, which are costly in blood and money. Both Harvard and Brown Universities concur Afghanistan and Iraq will cost us over $6 trillion.

It was Bush who quietly lent the biggest banks over $16 trillion dollars in 2007-09 then signed the “TARP” plan for an additional $800 billion. So, who’s counting Evidently not Fox News.

By the way Obama's spending is due a run rate run up by Pres. Bush. “ Market Watch” reviewed government records that show he has spent less than every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower, some 60 years ago. Under Obama, “expenditures” as a share of the economy sank to just 22.8 percent of the economy, the lowest amount since President Eisenhower in 1953-56.

There really is a balance between socialism and capitalism as long as it isn't communism or fascism. We had that balance in WWII where everyone contributed and yes, the wealthy did pay a lot more in taxes. Yet, we all did well and the country prospered after the war years with peace and prosperity. Everything started with “we” instead of “me,” and yes we were concerned about our fellow Americans one and all. There was peace throughout the entire world under Ike for eight years and Americans could go anywhere. We were loved by all nations for our Christian works helping others.

The writer lives in Little River.

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