Letter | ‘Lone Survivor’ inspires Myrtle Beach-area resident to make a difference

February 9, 2014 

Did you ever see a movie that was truly inspiring? One that made you want to be a better person? One that made you want to make a greater difference for others in your life? A movie that made you really appreciate every blessing that you have as an American citizen?

The other day my wife and I saw the movie, Lone Survivor, starring Mark Wahlberg. The next day, I woke with a renewed appreciation for health, people, opportunity, citizenship and living here on the Grand Strand. And I wanted to contribute more individually.

I need to start with being a better family member, then a better neighbor, and finally a better member of the Grand Strand community. I’m not going to wear a mask, but I’m considering being the Lone Ranger as I travel about North Myrtle Beach and be a more cordial, helpful, considerate citizen.

I’ll start with my driving. I am too frequently in a hurry. I’m going to monitor this and make it a constant daily focus, so that new habits will emerge. I have no reason to be in a hurry, I’m retired, but it seems to be part of my DNA. Now, I am just going to have fun driving during peak tourist season; I don’t think I’ve ever gotten angry when I’ve been having fun.

I’ll carry a pleasant expression on this wrinkly face, so that folks will see me as approachable. I’ll look for ways to help folks who seem to be lost. And I’ll speak to more people and do so cordially.

I will avoid driving and being out and about when I am in a tense or tired state. It is here that I can act in ways that I would not be proud of, ways that would not pass the “mama test, as in,” Would mama be proud of how I acted?

I’ve also been noticing an excessive amount of litter along highway 57 near my home. I’ll tackle some of that in the near future.

These few acts on my part will hopefully make a positive difference. They will help me be a better ambassador for our locale and promote positivity.

Back to the movie: The four men who were members of the U. S. Navy SEAL team were extraordinary team members and exemplary citizens of our great country. We all can choose to do something proactively to honor their memories and the memories of other military service personnel, past and present.

It matters not how we do it.

This Lone Ranger needs a posse to do a few good things in the service of others. No horse riding is necessary, thank goodness. This opportunity is open to people of all ages. I encourage you to join me.

The writer lives in Little River.

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