Letter | Paying it forward works

February 9, 2014 

“Paying it forward” first started in this cycle in December when I became the recipient of a Chick-fil-a meal from the drive-in window. An anonymous benefactor bestowed this honor on me and I was pleasantly surprised. It had been a long day in Conway, a day when you feel that the world may be against you.

Then it was my turn to pay it forward. And I could. This past summer I rescued a 1985 Myrtle Beach High School yearbook after becoming the high bidder. The book belonged to someone I knew and was a Sunday School class member of several friends in Myrtle Beach. Arrangements were then made to present this yearbook to the original owner of the yearbook, Wayne Gray, a Myrtle Beach councilman. I had paid it forward.

Then, when I had lost all hope in gaining access to my yearbooks from Green Sea High School, which were book-napped 12 years ago from my parents home, a sudden turn of events took place and a friend of mine who I had attended school with and whose sister and I shared the responsibility of editing our senior yearbook, became interested in my plight.

Alice Williams Gerald, a former Myrtle Beach nurse, became very sympathetic and presented me with my senior year yearbook. Alice relinquished her junior year yearbook, so that I could have this special edition. She knew her sister would want it this way and she was very willing to give it to me.

Good things happen when people think of others. Now it’s my turn to “pay it forward” again.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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