Horry County Schools to pick make-up days next week

vgrooms@thesunnews.comFebruary 1, 2014 

Horry County Schools officials will make a decision on make-up days for student instruction and teacher workdays sometime next week, according to Teal Harding, HCS spokeswoman.

“We are more than aware of the urgency of making a call,” Harding said, “but we’re also not outside the realm of having additional inclement weather.”

The district’s schools were closed four days this week because of hazardous conditions left by the ice storm that struck the area, and the missed time must be made up.

“The only way school absences are excused is if they were to be excessive,” said Harding, such as in the aftermath of a damaging hurricane. “To even go through the process of forgiveness of days, that takes a local legislative action to get approved.”

Three days are designated on the student calendar as possible make-up days, but one was in October. The district will use the other two days, Feb. 17 and March 28, and has the option of taking a Saturday, a day from spring break, Memorial Day or an additional day at the end of the school year to make up the remainder of the time.

The two designated make-up days ordinarily would have been student holidays, as well as workdays for teachers, who use the time for strategic planning and staff development. Harding said two days also will be selected for teachers to make up their time.

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