Letters | Save Whispering Pines golf course; Beware upcoming medical costs

January 30, 2014 

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Whispering Pines a treasure

worth preserving, not changing

For the Myrtle Beach City Council to consider closing Whispering Pines is shortsighted, irresponsible and shameful. We love being known as the golfing capital but don't want to own or support a city course? That’s hyprocitical.

The local team has done an outstanding job of enhancing and maintaining the course over the past few years to the point it's now one of the best in the area.

The council needs to provide the public the real financials because I have a hard time understanding how you can have 35,000 rounds of golf and lose $265,000. Are other charges in addition to course operations/maintenance included in the $265,000? If so what are they?

The new airport terminal's view of the golf course will have a positive effect in the growth potential of Whispering Pines. The city supports facilities for the community that may not be profitable but it's the right thing to do. Why single out Whispering Pines?

George Moustakis

Surfside Beach


Writer will soon feel costs

of Medicare coverage

Re: Jan. 10 letter from James Rome, ““Some real Obamacare numbers”

You are very fortunate to get health coverage for $140 a month, with $0 deductable and $2,250 maximum out of pocket.

I could not get that kind of coverage as a retiree from a large computer company’s group health plan; my monthly payments were $250 a month, 20 percent copay and $5,300 maximum out of pocket. And I am in good health.

When I turned 65 I had to go on Medicare, so my cost today is $104.90 a month for Medicare Part A&B, with a deductible of $147 on Part B (doctors) and $1,216 for Part A (hospital) plus a 20 percent copay. There is no maximum and this does not include drug coverage. It doesn’t compare very well to what you have.

My only comment on your Social Security and Medicare reference is that workers pay into Social Security at a rate of 6.2 percent in 2013. If you are self employed, the rate is 12.4 percent and into Medicare at a rate of 1.25 percent and if self employed, 2.9 percent. So they are paying for their future Social Security and Medicare benefits/coverage.

I guess I can only say, enjoy the coverage you have now because when you turn 65 you will be getting the great Medicare coverage you seem to imply others are getting.

George Kubovcik

North Myrtle Beach

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