Horry County Schools students will make up days missed because of storm

vgrooms@thesunnews.comJanuary 29, 2014 

Horry County Schools students may be enjoying some time off, but they will have to make up the days they are missing because of the winter storm.

Some people believe that having a state of emergency declared means that the missed days can be excused, but “the two don’t go together,” said Teal Harding, district spokeswoman. Five days or less that are missed must be made up, because students have to meet a required amount of seat time in class, she said.

“The only way school absences are excused is if they were to be excessive,” said Harding, such as in the aftermath of a damaging hurricane. “To even go through the process of forgiveness of days, that takes a local legislative action to get approved.”

Horry County’s public schools were closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and will be closed Thursday.

The district’s student calendar lists Feb. 17 and March 28 as make-up days, and if more days are missed, the district will have to determine how that time is made up, Harding said.

Time can be made up by extending some school days by an hour or more, which was done at some Conway schools that were unable to operate following Hurricane Floyd, but that tends to upset school sports schedules, Harding said. Days also can be made up by having schools open on a Saturday or on a holiday, such as Memorial Day, which has only been observed by the district for the last few years, she said.

Adding days to the end of the school year is problematic, Harding said, because it interferes with final exams and graduation ceremonies. School days can be delayed or shortened to get in at least a half-day of school, as half-days do not have to be made up, she said.

School officials considered the temperature, refreezing and road conditions in determining whether to cancel or delays classes Thursday, Harding said.

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