Letter | Sharing the secrets of Brookgreen Gardens, in verse

January 26, 2014 

Brookgreen Nights of 1000 Candles

Brookgreen Gardens glows with more than 5,500 hand-lit candles and countless sparkling lights during the 2013 Nights of a Thousand Candles.

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I have been writing at Brookgreen Gardens for 43 years. We have watched each other grow and have shared our thoughts. The gardens have an interesting past and as I walk the pathways, its past is shared with me; its secrets are revealed to me.

I've often sat on the ground below the limbs of a magnolia or an oak and just listened to the silence. There's much to be said for silence. As the gardens continue to share with me, I will share with others.

One thousand candles

Whenever night falls within the Gardens,

light from the moon plays upon the grounds

and shadows drift giving life and flight to Pegasus.

But this night is different for nightfall will be short-lived

as moonbeams are replaced by tiny white lights

appearing as wintry fireflies flittering about the trees

and throughout the Gardens.

Though the air is cold, warmth is ushered into our hearts

because of the season.

Thousands come to see the glimmer of the lights

which appear to shower down from the limbs as rainfall

creating smiles in the faces of the children.

And in every dark shimmering pool and fountain,

hundreds of candles float in celebration

of the birth of a Child.

Hauntingly beautiful music can be heard

in all the far corners of the grounds

and a single celestial harp shares its sweet melodies

with all who care to stop and listen.

But then there is a hushed moment when the night

becomes still and all the lights become one bright star

in the heavens and we are reminded of why we have come here ...

to celebrate the one light within each of us,

one which will draw us closer to the true meaning of Christmas.

The writer, who lives in Murrells Inlet, wrote this in December 2012.

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