Some Freestyle rides find new home in Myrtle Beach

dbryant@thesunnews.comDecember 20, 2013 

Patrons pass by the park's guitar icon while aboard the ride Soak'd at Freestyle Music Park on Aug. 19, 2009, in Myrtle Beach.

RANDALL HILL — By Randall Hill / Buy Photo

A couple of the Freestyle Music Park rides that were up for sale have found a new home just a few miles away in Myrtle Beach.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park on Ocean Boulevard wasn’t hunting for new rides – the park added four earlier this year – but couldn’t resist the chance to pick up two slightly used rides from the closed theme park just a few miles across town.

Family Kingdom bought Magic Bikes and Jump Around Dunebuggies, two interactive family rides that were the right size to squeeze into Family Kingdom’s 13-acre park on Ocean Boulevard near Third Avenue South. Crews picked up the rides last week and will have them installed and ready to go by the time the park reopens in the spring.

“We are making some room for them,” said Donnie Sipes, Family Kingdom’s general manager. “These two have small footprints so we are making room for these.”

Freestyle Music Park, which closed after the 2009 tourist season and has sat dormant since, is trying to sell off its rides, with more than a dozen of them – including the signature roller coaster along George Bishop Parkway – popping up for sale on the website of Ital International, which brokers the sale of new and used theme park rides.

Sipes declined to say how much Family Kingdom paid for the two rides. They are only slightly used, with the theme park in Fantasy Harbour only lasting two summers, as Hard Rock Park in 2008 and Freestyle Music Park in 2009.

“We thought it was a good deal for us,” Sipes said. “They are here locally. We got to go over and take a look at them.”

Once the two rides are in place, Family Kingdom will have 39 rides in the park, which has been a staple on Ocean Boulevard since 1966 when it was known as Grand Strand Amusement Park. It was renamed to Family Kingdom in 1992.

Other rides at the former Freestyle are still listed for sale on Ital International, including the roller coaster that was known as the Led Zeppelin and Time Machine.

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