Burgess Elementary School gears up for new stoplight

vgrooms@thesunnews.comDecember 18, 2013 


Burgess Elementary School parents are looking forward to the new traffic light that was initiated by their School Improvement Council and should make trips to and from school safer and easier after the first of the year.

“Parents are very excited about it,” said Principal Donna Hooks, who has received responses from an email she sends parents each week. “That’s the kind of thing a School Improvement Council can do. They were instrumental and the driving force behind this.”

The school council began talking last year about the problem of getting on and off Holmestown Road at Scipio Lane, where the school is located. Holmestown Road, which runs east and west, is an extension of Glenns Bay Road on the west side of U.S. 17 Bypass and extends to S.C. 707. Scipio Lane intersects north and south with Holmestown Road.

Traffic has increased on Scipio Lane since the addition of the South Strand Recreation Center, the South Strand Government Complex, a county recycling center and a fire station, Hooks said, and Holmestown carries a lot of traffic, especially in the mornings.

The School Improvement Council put in a formal request last spring to the S.C. Department of Transportation, which, along with Horry County, did a traffic study and decided the volume of traffic at that intersection was enough to warrant a traffic signal, said Joe Burch, Horry County Schools planning coordinator. Horry County put money for the light in its budget this year and is funding it, he said, and work already has begun.

The light is expected to be up and working early next month, Burch said.

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