Letters | Powell right choice for North Myrtle Beach; Keep out of my ‘entitlements’

November 11, 2013 

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Support Powell in NMB

council runoff vote

Tom Powell has the skills and knowledge to be your city councilman.

Please join me in voting for Tom Powell for the Windy Hill city council seat on Nov. 19. Tom has worked hard with the city on many projects in addition to being on the board of directors for the Barefoot Resort Residents Association.

Tom is a level headed, conservative, thoughtful man who will listen and research issues to make the best decisions for our city. With his background and current involvement in our local government, he is the best candidate to represent the entire city.

Terry Fletcher

North Myrtle Beach


Read the dictionary: We are entitled

to Medicare, Social Security benefits

In Walter Williams’ Oct. 31 op-ed, he stated that entitlement spending of 62 percent of federal spending is legalized theft. Although I’ve always liked Mr. Williams columns in the past, I take exception to this stating Social Security and Medicare are assistance programs.

My employers and I have paid into both programs all my working life and I continue to pay for Medicare each and every month. Social Security is the worst investment I have ever made. Am I entitled to it? Per Merriam Webster’s dictionary: Entitlement – right to benefits specified by law or contract.

When Social Security was established in 1935 there was supposed to be an account set for each person paying into it. It wasn’t supposed to be part of a general government fund to “borrow” from to pay its’ other debts. Since it was borrowed from many times over the years, the government should have to repay it with interest per the definition of borrow: To return the same with interest.

As our debt keeps going higher and higher, do we stop spending on foreign aid, duplicate federal bureaucracies or congress voting themselves a 5 percent raise in 2013. Certainly not, because that would make too much sense. Instead they want to reduce or take away from everybody who has paid into it. Social Security and Medicare is an investment, albeit a lousy one; that is owed to its recipients.

If Congress is looking for ways to keep the nation rom bankruptcy, perhaps stopping the spending habits of our supreme leader would be No. 1. No. 2 might be to collect the monies owed to America from all the countries that we have helped from WWI, WWII to save them from having to speak German today. I’ve earned my Social Security and Medicare and don’t you every say that it’s legalized theft.

C. W. Barner

Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

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