Myrtle Beach police arrest couple after machete incidents during argument

troot@thesunnews.comOctober 28, 2013 

— A couple were arrested by Myrtle Beach police Sunday night after police learned they fought and the man brandished a machete after the woman was upset because the door was locked when she got home and the man was upset about her repeatedly knocking on the door, according to a police report.

A neighbor also brandished a machete and officers took both weapons into custody while they investigated the incident about 9:30 p.m. Sunday at 2309 Withers Drive, police said.

Stephanie Troute, 40, and Gary Andrew Troute, 57, were each charged with criminal domestic violence during the incident.

Police learned from Stephanie Troute that she arrived home from her parents house and she had to “beat on the door for several minutes to get someone to let her in,” according to the report. Once inside, she said Gary Troute confronted her because he was upset about the noise she caused while knocking on the door.

Stephanie Troute said Gary Troute followed her, they argued and he grabbed her and choked her until she was close to passing out, according to the report. She said he grabbed the machete and threatened to kill everyone. A witness got in between the couple and tried to calm things down before police arrived.

Stephanie Troute had her shirt ripped, redness on her neck and a raspy voice.

Gary Troute said Stephanie Troute came into the apartment upset because she had been locked out and started to argue with him, according to the report. He said she punched him and he put his arm up to protect himself and he put her in a “mild headlock out of self-defense.”

Gary Troute said two other witnesses tried to get involved in the argument and one of the witnesses was armed with a machete, according to the report. He said he got his machete for self defense and the witness left.

The witness told police that Gary Troute pushed Stephanie Troute and he got the machete to protect them, according to the report. He said he tried to provoke Gary Troute and get him to come outside the apartment to leave those inside alone. That witness said he realized he was wrong for having the weapon and took it back inside his apartment.

Officers noted that “all parties on scene were not willing to provide all details associated with the incident,” according to the report. Officers interviewed the witnesses, but received confusing details about what happened.

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