CCU replaces shuttle buses with user-friendly trolleys

vgrooms@thesunnews.comOctober 20, 2013 

— Coastal Carolina University has made travel around campus more user-friendly by replacing its leased shuttle buses with six custom-made trolleys.

The trolleys will allow the university to control the service and to easily adjust routes as needed, said Greg Weisner, CCU director of safety and transportation. Each trolley cost $167,000, features wood paneling and has a state-of-the-art cockpit, he said.

“We are real pleased with them and think it was a good deal,” said Weisner, who said similar trolleys are in use at universities such as Georgia Tech and High Point University. “We had a good company making them, competitive bidding, and the process worked.”

Each trolley seats 36 people but can accommodate 50 if the available rails and straps are used for standing, he said. Each one also has a wheelchair lift, as well as a bike rack in front.

Three trolleys already are running during peak morning times, and the other three have not been delivered, Weisner said. The trolleys are white but soon will be wrapped with an identifiable design that is in development.

The trolleys will run the current shuttle routes, including those from University Place, main campus and east campus, as well as the Saturday and Sunday shuttle from University Place to main campus and to Gateway Plaza in Conway, said Sandy Baldridge, CCU manager of contractual and business services. They also will be used to transport visitors from parking lots to events on campus.

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