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Letter | Mammograms a key to early breast cancer detection

October 2, 2013 

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“Your biopsy was positive, you have breast cancer.” These are the words no woman wants to hear. However, on a day in July, those words forever changes our entire family's life, most especially my wife. The rest of that particular day was a whirlwind, but the days to follow are forever etched in our lives.

Get your mammogram, girls

Everyone knows about a palpable lump in your breast as an early warning sign. But my wife called me in to see just a faint subtle indentation as something different. There was no lump noticed by her, myself or many doctors to follow. The change was enough to alert her that something was wrong. She immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Newton Brackett that changed her life.

Get your mammogram, girls.

The mammogram was followed by extensive testing that included an MRI, biopsy and accumulation of information. Once the testing was complete the results were not favorable as everyone already knows now. Dr. Brackett with a loving hand and a kind heart, gave us not only the information but a belief that it was going to be OK. Praying with us and guiding us by many appointments, consults ,and pathways for treatment, we were relieved and trusted that he along with God would show us the way.

Get your mammogram, girls.

Words do not adequately describe the many thanks we have for Dr. Angela Mislowsky, Dr. Newton Brackett, Dr. Eric Aguero and Dr. Betsy Adams, and the many supportive medical personnel, friends, and loved ones that have forever shaped my wife's life. Even though I am a physician, this was the scariest period of our entire life as a family. So many emotions and so much information made it all difficult to process and for the first time in our lives we were scared. However, all of our fears were alleviated by a loving hand, a guiding spirit, and all of God's gifts in the form of the many physicians and people above.

Get your mammogram, girls.

Which, brings me to the purpose of this letter. Without that initial mammogram, my wife nor myself would have not have known that something was wrong. Recently, Dr. Brackett wrote a letter to the editor raising our awareness of breast cancer for the month of October.

Hopefully, this letter also will encourage every woman in this community to get a mammogram. Georgetown Hospital System, Dr. Brackett, numerous physicians offices, and numerous surrounding clinics have made it possible for every woman to receive a mammogram. Fear, lack of education, lack of finances are no excuse for any woman in our community to not receive a mammogram.

Get your mammogram, girls.

Recently, I ran my first marathon as a thank you to God for giving me what I value the most, more time with my wife. Also, as a tribute to breast cancer awareness and to say thank you to the wonderful people above who will forever be a part of our life, I wear my pink bracelet proudly, and I get on my knees every day to give thanks.

Get your mammogram, girls. No excuses.

Dr.Gene Mayeaux is an emergency room physician in the Georgetown Memorial Hospital system.

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